The Dominaide-First Math Plus Mission:


We are committed to providing a unique solution to the worldwide need to nurture a love for math in children and the adults who work with them.  


We do this because:

  1. We believe math knowledge enables overall academic growth and empowers productive citizens. 

  2. We know that young children learn best in a fun, supportive environment.

Why is First Math Plus different?


IT’S MORE THAN A MATH PROGRAM; it bridges several curricular areas providing students with math concepts, essential reading skills, and the social quantities of consideration, cooperation, and self control.  Each chapter begins with an explanation of the objectives and a listing of the California State Kindergarten Standards and National Head Start Child Outcomes that are addressed.



Ø      Thinking and reasoning concepts;

Ø      One to one correspondence;

Ø      Counting proficiency;

Ø      Comparative awareness;

Ø      Transition from concrete to abstract;

Ø      Pattern recognition;

Ø      Awareness of same and different;

Ø      Grasp of the concept of zero;

Ø      Understanding of clocks and time;

Ø      Place Value familiarity;

Ø      Addition and Subtraction skills; and

Ø      Word problem practice.



Ø      Building “Concepts of print;”

Ø      Shaping an awareness of left to right orientation for reading and writing;

Ø      Strengthening self control, focusing and listening skills;

Ø      Promoting responsive behavior and idea sharing;

Ø      Reinforcing cooperative learning skills; and

Ø      Encouraging consideration of others.


IT GENERATES A “SILENT GIVEBACK.” Student’s “homework” is to teach someone at home what they’ve learned.  In this way they strengthen their own skills, build family bonds, and reach a sometimes math-needy but inaccessible group. First Math Plus spans the generations.  It is a tactile toy that succeeds with ages from pre-school, to elementary, to middle and high school, adult and even senior citizen groups.


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